A collaboration with Julinka Ebhardt, a fellow student at the Royal College of Art, to make jewellery from charcoal.
Having created charcoal over a campfire by using beer cans to cook the timber in an oxygen-free atmosphere, we became fascinated by this fragile material which, when fractured and splintered, resembles glinting minerals or gemstones. 
The charcoal fragments were immersed in a resin bath within a vacuum chamber which completely replaced the air with resin, in order to harden and protect the material, whilst also stoping it marking clothes or skin. Fine brass chain and tube were used to complete the jewellery pieces.
Charcoal, resin, brass chain, brass tube
Photography by Will Yates-Johnson
Creating the charcoal over a fire within sealed drinks cans using the indirect method (an external heat source "cooks" the organic matter contained in a closed but vented airless chamber, or retort)