A commissioned by Sam Ashby of Little Joe Magazine for Fringe!, the East London Gay Film Festival, 13-15 April 2012.
A temporary space that hosted free intimate film screenings and discussions over a weekend in April 2012 for the Fringe! festival in East London, which aimed to be simultaneously cosy and secluded as well as open and stimulating. 
The timber-frame pavilion features removable fabric facade panels. All materials were chosen due to their economy and ability to be locally sourced: the de-barked chestnut trunks used for the frame were sourced from a woodland in Kent, the reconstituted foam blocks were from a foam manufacturer in east London and the recycled non-woven fabric blankets, normally used for moving house, were from north London. 
The simple method of construction and flexible structure allows the pavilion to be easily built, dismantled, stored and rebuilt in a new location at any point in the future.
Chestnut trunks, recycled non-woven fabric, reconstituted foam, OSB, bolts, cable ties
Photography by Will Yates-Johnson
Debarking chestnut poles with Iain from Wealden Heartwood Enterprises Ltd at Hendall Wood in East Sussex.