A collaboration with Konstantinos Trichas, a fellow student at the Royal College of Art, to produce a flag based on shared views. This flag formed part of his Alliances project.
Flags act as symbols of what people stand for. The subjects of each flag come from personal discussions of each collaboration, yet they cover broader concerns in society, such as relationships, culture, heritage, language and identity. The outcome of each collaboration was a flag that both teammates believed in and includes the opinions they share.
Our discussions centred around how the new model of working is defined not by a specific discipline but by the ability of the practitioner to move between different fields. Taking this as our viewpoint we wanted to create a flag that would bring things together and express creative versatility and fluidity.
We chose to represent these qualities using a single gradient, moving from RGB blue (R-000 G-000 B-255) to RGB red (R-255 G-000 B-000). We are both fascinated by the composition of colour, so we then deconstructed this RGB gradient into its constituent CMYK parts. As used in comic books and billboard posters, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (K) dots are combined in different formations to create Red, Green and Blue. Within this gradient lies a busy arrangement of dots, and the surface of the flag becomes simple or complex depending on how closely it is viewed. 
Other collaborators in the Alliances project include Thibault Brevet, Makiko Higashi, Marta Hernández Galan, Roxanne Gatt, Dionysis Livanis, Mariana Sameiro, Christopher Schulz, Jwan Yosef and Sebastian Zimmerhackl.
Digitally printed onto silk twill and hand finished
Photography by Dionysis Livanis (1) and Will Yates-Johnson (6-8)
The Alliances project exhibited at the Royal College of Art's Graduate Show during June 2015
installation view at the RCA Graduation Show 2015