A set of six drinking glasses in the primary colours of cyan, magenta and yellow which, when nested together, create the mixed secondary colours of red, green and blue.
Cyan, magenta and yellow (CMY) are the primary colours and commonly used in printing, which are combined together to make up the secondaries of red, green and blue (RGB). Through the simple action of disassembly, these glasses dismantle the colour mixing process into its constituent parts. Yellow and magenta glasses nest together to form a red pair; cyan and yellow glasses form a green pair; cyan and magenta glasses form a blue pair (in this blown glass iteration, instead of blue violet is produced, which is the next hue along from blue in the colour spectrum). 
Set on the table in nested pairs, the diners themselves pull apart the glasses. This action offers a revelation about the colour's composition. The inner glass is for wine, shaped with a narrow rim to contain the bouquet, while the outer glass with a more open rim is for water.
Mould blown glass by Michael Ruh Studio
Photography by Darek Fortas (1-16) and Will Yates-Johnson (17-19)
Final colour samples
Light transmission tests using cyan, magenta and yellow lighting gels