A commission for 77 Broadway Market
S-M-A-S-H-E-R comprises a group of three objects – Joel, Jacques and Jami – which expand on my previous research into a manufacturing technique called Polyspolia.
Polyspolia is a proposal for a new mode of production in which an object's material can be endlessly broken up and remade. Each of the objects in this edition are related – springing from the same core material which is shattered into fragments before being regrouped into a fresh composition. This is a process in which the waste from the production of the pieces can be infinitely incorporated into the next generation of objects.
Polyspolia is inspired by the geological formation of breccia – rock composed of disparate fragments that are fused together over millennia to form one unified whole in which each distinct element is still visible. This edition mirrors this process through the use of pigmented plaster, which allows the history of each object to be read through its unique combination of colours. 
resin reinforced plaster, pigment, wax
hand-finished; each object is unique; endless edition
photography by Paul Plews