A two week self-initiated design workshop situated in a woodland deep in the English countryside.
Alongside a group of students from the Design Products masters course at the Royal College of Art, we set out to camp in the Somerset countryside with the aim to make various structures, furniture & objects, live naturally, experiment outdoors, collaborate and foster debate about the current state of design.
All materials were reclaimed from the RCA 2014 graduation show, including all the timber used in the different constructions. Designs were not planned before arrival on site, and much discussion, team-work and collaboration led to the built works.
We completed two full-group collaborative projects: a 6m swimming and diving platform spanning two trees over a deep mill pond, and a fully-functioning sauna treehouse (the 'hot box') cradled within a beech tree. Additional projects included furniture pieces, slip-cast crockery and various other material experiments.
Photography by Will Yates-Johnson
The 'hot box': a sauna cradled in a beech tree, constructed entirely using reclaimed timber.
Log chair: scaffolding plank, rope, branch and brass picture frame tensioner.
Swimming platform: reclaimed pine spanning two trees fabricated using only glue and ratchet straps.
Promotional material
Promotional materials.