Tesla stools

A commission by muf architecture/art for the Science Museum's new interactive gallery Wonderlab.
These children's stools were inspired by the copper coil and timber structures that Nikola Tesla used in his experiments on electricity at the turn of the century in Colorado Springs, USA. They complete a large Tesla coil installation in the electricity zone of Wonderlab, forming a  series of markers in a gentle curve which indicate the boundary of the installation.
The surface is treated with an extremely robust polyurea spray coating, usually reserved for the backs of pickup trucks and the interiors of tanks. The texture that results from this coating is slightly rough to the touch and glistens when light catches it.
steel, MDF, polyurea spray coating
photography by Savvas Stavrou (1-2) and Paul Plews (3 onwards)
Nikola Tesla's experimental laboratory in Colorado Springs, 1899